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Large Balloons - Versatile Tool for Advertising and Decorating

Up, Up and Away With Our Large, 17” Balloons

Our helium 17” balloons can function as colorful exclamation points, directing your customers’ attention wherever you wish. A row of single balloons, positioned at strategic intervals, can highlight and accentuate a display, or help to form a walkway that guides customers to various areas. You can also cluster balloons together for added visual impact. We offer specially-designed 17” balloon arrangements for maximum visual effect.

We’re Expanding

After serving southern California for close to 30 years, we are excited to bring our big balloon business countrywide via our online store, thereby combining our tradition of personalized “mom and pop” service with the expertise and professionalism of a national retailer. We pride ourselves on our large selection of sizes, colors, styles, and designs, in which you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. In addition to our large 17” parking lot balloons, we stock 36”, 60”, and 72” balloons, as well as 8’ balloons made from vinyl.

Color Selections

Our large 17” balloons come in a variety of colors

  • Standard – available in blue, green, orange, pink, red, and white
  • Pastel – choose from powder blue, pink, goldenrod, hot pink, lavender, mint green, turquiose, teal
  • Crystal – reflective and polished-looking, in black, brown, burgundy, crystal red, clear yellow, sapphire blue, emerald green, purple, magent, tangerine
  • Metallic – available in gleaming silver and gold

Sample Our Assortments

If you’re having a hard time choosing from our rainbow of colors, we’d like to remind you that our large 17” balloons are available in variety of bundled assortments. In addition to our standard, pastel, and crystal assortments, we offer a patriotic combination in red, white, and blue, a pleasing autumn assortment of fall colors, and a multi-colored tropical assortment. The artfully combined color combinations of our big round 17” balloons deliver an added visual impact.

Large 17” Balloons for Weddings

Balloons are becoming increasingly popular as stylish wedding decorations. Not only can their colors enhance and accent the color scheme, but their airy, gravity-defying properties can add grace and motion to the atmosphere. Unlike flowers, they are not susceptible to wilting, and have no fragrance to irritate sensitive noses, or trigger allergy attacks. Our large 17” balloons are the perfect size for use in weddings. They can be incorporated into centerpieces, or fashioned into dramatic decorative arches for the bride and groom to walk through.

Big, round 17” balloons are the perfect size for use as strategic markers to outline the wedding aisle at outdoor events, or to section off seating areas. They can also function as accessories for flower girls and bridesmaids, and can even be seen streaming down the aisle during recessionals as the bride and groom triumphantly carry them. In addition to enhancing weddings and receptions with their beauty, balloons can also serve as elegant signposts, guiding guests from ceremony to reception. A bundle of white balloons -- festooned with gold or silver ribbon and tied to a street sign -- can signal your guests that the party lies straight ahead.

Whether used to announce a service, publicize a business, or enhance an event, our large 17” balloons are an ideal way to attract attention and create an air of festivity.