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36" Tuftex Silver36" Tuftex Silver
36" Tuftex Pearl Pink36" Tuftex Pearl Pink
36" Tuftex Gold36" Tuftex Gold
36" Tuftex Pearl White36" Tuftex Pearl White
36"  Tuftex Burgundy36" Tuftex Burgundy
36" Tuftex Goldenrod36" Tuftex Goldenrod
36" Qualatex Robins Egg36" Qualatex Robins Egg
36" Qualatex Wildberry36" Qualatex Wildberry
36" Qualatex Brown36" Qualatex Brown
36" Qualatex Winter Green36" Qualatex Winter Green
36" Qualatex Blush36" Qualatex Blush
36" Red with White Stars all Around36" Red with White Stars all Around
36" Blue with White Stars all Around36" Blue with White Stars all Around
36" Clear with White Stars all Around36" Clear with White Stars all Around
36" White with Red and Blue Stars all Around36" White with Red and Blue Stars all Around
36" Wildberry with White Dots all Around36" Wildberry with White Dots all Around
36" Robins Egg with White Dots all Around36" Robins Egg with White Dots all Around
36" Clear with White Dots all Around36" Clear with White Dots all Around
30" Blue Agate30" Blue Agate
30" Green Agate30" Green Agate
30" Rink and Violet Agate30" Rink and Violet Agate
30" Yellow and Orange Agate30" Yellow and Orange Agate
30" Red and Orange Agate30" Red and Orange Agate
36" Globe36" Globe
36" Smile face36" Smile face
36" Tuftex Lavender36" Tuftex Lavender
36" Tuftex Turquoise36" Tuftex Turquoise
36" Tuftex Crystal Clear36" Tuftex Crystal Clear
36" Tuftex Baby Blue36" Tuftex Baby Blue
36" Tuftex Pink36" Tuftex Pink
36" Silk Ivory36" Silk Ivory
36" Tuftex Red36" Tuftex Red
36" Tuftex Orange36" Tuftex Orange
36" Tuftex Yellow36" Tuftex Yellow
36" Tuftex Blue36" Tuftex Blue
36"  Tuftex Green36" Tuftex Green
36" Tuftex Hot Pink36" Tuftex Hot Pink
36" Tuftex White36" Tuftex White
36" Tuftex Lime Green36" Tuftex Lime Green
36" Tuftex Crystal Red36" Tuftex Crystal Red
36" Tuftex Emerald Green36" Tuftex Emerald Green
36" Tuftex Magenta36" Tuftex Magenta
36" Tuftex Purple36" Tuftex Purple
36" Tuftex Sapphire Blue36" Tuftex Sapphire Blue
36" Tuftex Black36" Tuftex Black

Huge Balloons Enhance Parties, Promote Business

Large 36” Balloons - Effective for Celebrations, Promotions

There’s nothing quite like the use of balloons to set a festive tone at celebrations and events, and our giant party 36” balloons are a perfect choice. Colorful and sizable, these large balloons make eye-catching displays, adding motion, color and drama as they sway and soar in the breeze. Publicizing a business? Car dealerships, restaurants and grand openings all can benefit from using large round 36” balloons for promotional purposes. In fact, studies have shown that consumers have an easier time remembering messages and slogans when they are displayed in unusual ways. Balloons emblazoned with your logo or message make a sharp, vivid image as they soar and sway in the breeze, guaranteeing better customer recall, and improving brand visibility.

Balloon History

Believe it or not, balloons have come a long way in a few hundred years -- early balloons were made from dried, inflated pigs’ bladders. A far cry from our latex giant party 36” balloons, for sure. Professor Michael Faraday, a scientist at the Royal Institution in London, is generally credited with inventing the modern balloon in 1824. Although Faraday fashioned the balloon in order to help him study the properties of hydrogen, others were quick to intuit the entertainment possibilities. It only took a year for a rubber manufacturer, Thomas Hancock, to jump on the balloon bandwagon. Seeing the potential for balloons to be used as entertaining toys, he created a do-it-yourself kit for hobbyists. From there, it was a short step to the mass production of balloons.

Let the Good Times Roll with our Giant Party 36” Balloons

Today, balloons are inexpensive, popular, and closely associated with festivities, good luck, and good times. From balloon drops at New Year’s Eve parties, to balloon releases at weddings, balloons are harbingers of cheer. You can use our giant party 36” balloons to indicate individual place settings at a sit-down dinner, or incorporate them into eye-catching centerpieces. Decorate gardens and lawns, or liven up architectural features such as lattices, columns, gazebos, and porches. The uses of our giant party 36” balloons are limited only by your imagination.

Choose From a Rainbow of Colors

Our large 36” balloons come in a variety of shades and intensities.

  • Standard red, crystal red
  • Standard blue, sapphire blue
  • Standard green, bright lime green, emerald green
  • Hot pink, magenta
  • Rich purple
  • Vibrant orange
  • Elegant black
  • Classic white
  • Bright Yellow

We’ve Expanded Our Big Balloon Store

After serving southern California since 1985, we have recently expanded our “Family Owned” style big balloon business through an online store, thereby adding national, professional retail features to our tradition of personal service. In addition to offering giant 36” balloons for sale, we sell 17”, 60”, and 72” sizes, at prices so reasonable that they make buying more cost-effective than simply renting. Balloons are available in a wide range of designs and colors, including standard colors, pastel shades, and shiny crystal; some are available in our flashy silver or gold metallic design. We also stock 8’ balloons and parking lot balloons, along with a complete line of balloon accessories.