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Balloon Advertising Takes Off

Make Your Point with Giant Helium 60” Balloons

Balloon advertising is a highly effective promotional tool. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it is a novel way for your customers to see your message; studies show that phrases and logos displayed in unusual ways are more easily remembered. Car dealerships, restaurants, outlet stores, grand openings – there is virtually no business or event that couldn’t benefit from the use of our giant helium 60” balloons, soaring overhead and spreading your message far and wide. The sight of colorful, round 60” balloons swaying in the breeze can add a jolt of color and excitement to the atmosphere, as well as convey your message in a vivid way.

Capture Your Customers’ Attention

There is no doubt about it: Color and movement with balloon advertising is effective. Studies have shown that customers who see a message presented in a novel or unusual manner can more easily recall it; our colorful large 60” balloons, silhouetted against the sky, can be seen from miles away and are the perfect way to promote your business or event. Grand openings, sales, flea markets, open houses, car dealerships – all can be better publicized with our big round 60” balloons. Parades, parties, weddings and proms – all are enlivened by adding the extra element of color, motion, and excitement our large round 60” balloons can provide.

Enliven Social Gatherings

Planning a graduation celebration, banquet, weddings, yard sale, or birthday party? 60” balloons, which come in a wide range of colors, can complement any decorating scheme. These large balloons are particularly effective as focal points to highlight certain attractions, such as a chocolate fountain or portable bar. The sheer size and buoyancy of our giant helium 60” balloons make guests feel that the event is truly something special.

Available in Vibrant Colors

Our helium 60” balloons come in a wide range of colors to make your display “pop.”

  • Royal blue
  • Emerald green
  • Vivid orange
  • Delicate pink
  • Fire-engine red
  • Radiant yellow
  • Classic white

Did You Know?

The largest balloon advertising event to date was engineered by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. The finished display, which contained 4200 red balloons, was created outside the United Nations Headquarters in January 2008.

We Want To Be Your Big Balloon Supermarket

After serving the community in southern California since 1985 with our “mom and pop”-style big balloon business, we have expanded through our online store. This allows us to combine the cachet of national professional retail marketing with the personalized, friendly service to which we are committed. In addition to our giant helium 60” balloons, we offer balloons in 17”, 36”, 72”, and 8’ sizes. We also offer parking lot balloons emblazoned with a variety of logos and patterns. All are so reasonably priced that you will find it is more cost-effective to buy than to merely rent. In keeping with our goal of being your ultimate one-stop big balloon store, we offer a wide range of balloon accessories, including convenient single and double tank wall bracelets, inflation regulators, helium tank stands and sturdy 6-ply cotton string. We have a passion for giant helium balloon advertising, and can’t wait to share our years of knowledge and experience with you in order to help you select the perfect 60” balloon arrangement for your needs.