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Utilize the Magic of Balloons for Promotions, Social Events

Large Helium 72” Balloons Have Universal Appeal

Somehow, balloons always seem to make people smile. There is something about the sight of colorful globes silhouetted against the sky that invigorates, inspires, and attracts attention, a fact that makes large helium 72” balloons the perfect advertising tool. Car dealerships, outlet stores, restaurant openings – all can benefit from the eye-catching appeal of our large round 72” balloons.

Let the Good Times Fly With Our Giant Party 72” Balloons

Balloons have long been associated with good times, good luck, and celebrations. Whether it’s a balloon drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve or a triumphant balloon release at a wedding, these floating objects have a way of adding motion, drama and color to any event. It’s no accident that balloons have been memorialized in a number of popular songs, most notably “Up, Up and Away,” performed by the 5th Dimension, and “99 Red Balloons,” performed by the German pop group Nena. Maybe it’s the way they defy gravity, maybe it’s their appealing spherical shape, maybe it’s the way they sway and soar in the breeze. Whatever the reason, balloons add a festive note to any celebration, and you’ll find that our large helium 72” balloons are an inexpensive and effective way to publicize your business or enhance your event.

The Power of Color

Our big round 72” balloons are available in a rainbow of eye-catching colors

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White

Advertisers have long known the power of colors. Certain shades can attract buyers, spark sales, and even quicken pulses. Using the appropriately-colored large helium 72” balloons for your product can send a powerful message, one that customers may find hard to resist.

The color green symbolizes health, nature, and concern for the environment. It is also the color of permission; we all know that green means "go." Pastel or light greens, in particular, evoke images of cleanliness and freshness. Red, the color of power and vitality, creates an impression of urgency and speed; in fact, viewing the color can cause pulse and breathing rates to rise. It’s no surprise that red is often used to market sports cars. Large round 72” balloons in a blue color signal purity and clarity, and can also trigger images of luxury. Bright blue evokes the refreshing nature of water, but the Oracle Education Foundation notes that it has the effect of decreasing appetite, and shouldn’t be used to market food. Yellow is a cheerful color associated with childhood and sunny optimism, but it can be exhausting to look at for too long. The color orange, often used to market fast foods and sodas, has cheerful aspects as well. However, it can also create an aura of bargain-basement prices and cheap goods.

Our Commitment to You

Whichever colors you choose for your display of large helium 72” balloons, we are committed to your satisfaction. After serving southern California for close to 30 years with our “mom and pop” big balloon business, we have now expanded via our online store to take our products countrywide. We are excited to combine professional national retailing with our tradition of friendly, personal service, and to share our passion for big balloon advertising with a wider group of customers. We sell a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs, and also offer balloon accessories, including 72” balloon supplies.