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Bigger Really is Better

Giant Advertising Balloons Are Memorable, Effective

There is nothing like the sight of a brilliantly-colored balloon in bold relief against a blue sky to help fix your product firmly in the minds of consumers. When the advertising balloon is one of our 8-ft giant inflatables, the effect can be spectacular.

There is no doubt about it: helium balloon advertising works. Studies have shown that seeing a message presented in an unusual way helps people to recall it later; this makes balloons a natural for promoting your business or event. Car dealerships, restaurants, new home builder, apartment, retail stores, flea markets – whatever your business, we can supply you with a giant advertising balloon that will attract interest and draw customers from miles away. Our sturdy 8-ft vinyl giant advertising balloons are available in a wide range of vivid colors and patterns, including an attention-grabbing zigzag design and the classic yellow “smiley face” icon. Choose from a selection of stock phrases, including “Sale,” “New Homes,”, and “Now Leasing,”, or have your phrase or business name custom printed.

We Want to Be Your One-Stop Supermarket for Helium Balloon Advertising

We offer:

  • Reasonable prices that make buying more affordable than renting
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service
  • Wide array of advertising balloon accessories, including helium tank stands, inflation regulators, tank wall brackets, and durable 6-ply cotton string
  • Convenient online store
  • Close to three decades of experience and integrity in big balloon advertising

The Power of Color in Advertising

Advertisers have long been aware of the power of color to excite interest and promote sales. Selecting the appropriate color advertising balloons for your product can send a powerful message and enhance your chances of success. Using the color blue can evoke purity, freshness and clarity. Because of its refreshing nature, blue is a natural for marketing water and other liquids, but it has an appetite-suppressing effect and should not be used to market culinary products. The color green symbolizes nature, health, and concern for the environment. Oracle Education Foundation reports that green is also the color of permission; everyone is aware that green means “go.”

Purple advertising balloons, the color of kings, evoke luxury and quality; they are particularly pleasing to women. Pink, the most feminine of colors, is also attractive to women, and can be used to market beauty products. Men, however, tend to find it off-putting. To get pulses racing, fire-engine red is the color to use. It is the hue most associated with speed and urgency; not surprisingly, it is often used to promote sports cars.

An advertising balloon in vivid orange would be a good choice for promoting a fast food business; the color is cheering and stimulates appetite. However, there is often an association with cheapness – this color should not be used for luxury items. Advertising balloons in black might be a better choice for high-dollar items; black represents luxury, sophistication and formality. Finally, yellow evokes the sunny optimism of childhood, but should be used sparingly. It can quickly become tiresome, and is best used as a vibrant accent to lift buyer’s moods.

With our dramatic giant advertising balloons in the appropriate colors, your business will go straight up!