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Big Balloon Advertising Soars

Big Balloons Create An Unforgettable Spectacle, Driving More Traffic

To attract attention, create excitement, bring more foot traffic and help make an advertising message unforgettable, there’s nothing quite like a big balloon. Customers who may have been previously unaware of your business will find the sight of a large balloon hard to miss as it flies across the sky, broadcasting your advertisement far and wide. Car dealerships, store openings, open houses, and radio station events – all can be more effectively promoted and publicized with our gravity-defying big balloons soaring overhead. Parades, parties, and weddings gain an added element of celebration and excitement when enlivened by the color, motion, and drama of balloons aloft in the sky.

We want to be Your Ultimate Big Balloon Store

Family owned and operated, we have been serving the community in southern California since 1985. We are now taking our years of experience, our unparalleled personal service and our passion for big balloon advertising to customers across the nation with our online store. With a huge inventory of giant balloons and inflatables, we want to be your one-stop big balloon headquarters. A wide range of colors, sizes, styles, and designs guarantees that you will find the ideal display for your advertising needs. And our reasonable prices make buying giant balloons a more cost-effective option than simply renting.

Choose From a Wide Selection of Big Balloons

Among the many sizes and styles we offer:

  • 17” balloons, available in bright standard colors, pastels, jeweltone or Metaltone
  • 36” balloons, in standard, pastel jeweltone and Metaltone
  • 60” balloons, in standard colors
  • 72” balloons, in standard colors
  • 8’ blimps and parking lot balloons, emblazoned with business logos
  • Mixed-bag balloon assortments in Autumn, Standard, Pastel, Crystal, Patriotic and Tropical.

Wide Stock of Accessories

As a full-service big balloon supermarket, we also offer a wealth of accessories to accompany your purchase. Among the items you’ll find in our online store are convenient single and double tank wall brackets, inflation valves, helium stands, and cotton-line spools for use as tie downs.

Did You Know?

The most famous big balloon to date is the Bud Light Spirit of Freedom, used for a solo flight around the world by pilot and daredevil Steve Fossett. Powered by a combination of hot air and helium, and measuring an immense 140 feet tall by 60 feet wide, the “Spirit” began its journey from Western Australia and returned in just under 15 days. Eballoon notes that Fosssett had to limit his sleep to 45-minute naps in order to pilot the huge craft by himself. Fittingly, the “Spirit” landed safely on July 4, 2002; it was Fossett’s sixth attempt.

Fortunately, you don’t have to circumnavigate the globe in our big balloons in order to advertise your business or event. The eye-catching sight of a colorful sphere against a bright blue sky can help pique interest, draw a crowd, and fix a phrase or logo securely in your customers’ memories. In turn, this can help you expand your business, outshine competitors, and increase visibility and brand recognition in the area.

Try big balloon advertising, and watch as your business traffic keeps rising.

Easy do it yourself balloon arches and columns. Now anyone can build their own custom balloon arches and columns out of latex or foil balloons. Just like the professionals, you can create the perfect balloon columns and arches, with next to no balloon decorating experience and save hundreds of $$$. These awesome kits come with everything you will need for your next event. Includes 4 bases, 4 two-piece extension poles, 1 arch white arch cord, 1 electric latex balloon inflator, and 60 plastic balloon rings (balloons NOT included). So you can make a GIANT 12 x 11.5 ft balloon arch and two 6.5 ft Columns for a Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Meeting, Prom, Grand Opening, etc. Extra bases and poles are available, for adding columns and arches to your event. (see accessories) Instructions in both English and Spanish.

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